Saturday, August 11, 2012

Liemba's New York City premiere is one week from tonight!!

Liemba will screen Sat., August 18, aboard the historic vessel and maritime museum, the Lilac. The evening will include music from the NYC Afro-Caribbean experimental duo of Yvonne Ubillus and EfraĆ­n Rozas. The event is free and open to the public with a cash bar and will kick off at 8 PM. (Those under 21 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.) The Lilac is moored at Pier 25 in Tribeca at West Street and N. Moore Street. We are very psyched for this special night!

Lilac's Website


  1. Congratulations on your incredibly beautiful, moving film! I loved it.

    I loved how people opened to you, to tell you why they travel on Liemba. You got them to open to you very candidly:
    "I missed the fish, and second, I missed my relatives."
    The scene of the flip-flops in the boat, "I'll help them if you don't mind…"
    "I am a--what's the term? a polygamist."

    I loved the photography, the shots from the cargo hold, the images of people in the little boats below selling food. You're right: the ship is stunning. Her history is fascinating; wonderful how you brought in the politics, past and present.

    It was perfect how you got the passengers, in their various languages, to relate the 19 stops Liemba makes, and distances between them.

    Frank and I are the artists who have the current exhibition up on Lilac, and afterwards, we looked at each other and thought: we want to draw that ship!

    Bravo! I hope you have great success with this film. I hope many people see and enjoy it. The music is really excellent, also!

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words! So glad you enjoyed it! Your art was fantastic as well.
    ALl the best,

  3. sorry i missed the show last night. are you currently selling copies? i do a blog called tugster and would be happy to advertise it in some way on the blog: will, friend of bowsprite and frank. also, i spent summers of 1973 and '74 in bukavu on lake kivu . . .

    1. Hi, Sorry i missed this post until now. we are printing some copies soon for sale. And we would love to take you up on your offer to promote on your blog. Thanks so much for the offer. I will let you know when we have some DVDs in hand.